Notes from GARR Workshop 2021

Interesting wi-fi talks at GARR Workshop 2021 last November.

Paul Dekkers from SURFnet speaks about Eduroam, openroaming (Hotspot2.0 and Passpoint), CAT and the geteduroam app. Geteduroam has many advantages over CAT and will eventually supersede it. Slides and video.

GARR’s Pasquale Mandato presents eduroam usage data during the 2020/2021 pandemic in Italy, GARR’s self-service tools for Eduroam technical contacts in Italy, highlights and pitfalls of geteduroam, and the little known companion app. Slides and video of the talk (Italian).

Daniele Albrizio from University of Trieste analyzes the security of eduroam and the importance of using CAT for device onboarding. Communicating with the eduroam user base is crucial, and tough choices must be made, such as phasing-out support for older, obsolete client devices. Slides and video (Italian).